From Portland to Camden, Where to Stop En Route

LLBean on Maine VacationYour destination: Camden, Maine. You know you want to start in Portland on your way through Downeast Maine, but where else? There are so many destinations than the ones everyone knows about! Get yourself off the beaten path and check out some of these other highly anticipated destinations, both for tourists and locals. Make your Maine vacation or family adventure an incredible journey that you’ll never forget and you never know what hidden secrets you may come across! Continue reading “From Portland to Camden, Where to Stop En Route”

Babymooning in Maine: 5 Ways to Unwind

Camden Maine best babymoon destinationsCongratulations, your family of two is about to become three! Those carefree weekends that just seemed like yesterday are now dedicated to nursery prepping and crib assembly. The reality is, life will not slow down. In fact, it will become more demanding, but in the best way possible. This is why the babymoon is so important. A babymoon is a “last hurrah” getaway for the new parents to be, that lets them relax and reconnect before life gets busy with a newborn. Maine is one of the best babymoon destinations as it’s the perfect setting to unwind. Below we discuss five ways to relax in Maine on your babymoon. Continue reading “Babymooning in Maine: 5 Ways to Unwind”

Camden’s Secret Season: April-June

Camden Maine Hotels Off SeasonCan you keep a secret? Summer and winter are considered the peak seasons for recreational activity in Maine, but the spring season of April through June is known to locals as the secret season. Spring season offers a more relaxed pace when fewer people are in town. It’s the proverbial “calm before the tourist storm”, as school is still in session and nature is just awakening from its winter slumber. This time of year, Camden Maine hotels are not as crowded as they are in the summer, winter, and even autumn months. The Camden Harbour Inn is the perfect place for you and your family to call home base for a few days, while you explore Maine’s secret season. Continue reading “Camden’s Secret Season: April-June”

A Week Before the Wedding In Camden

destination wedding locations celebrationsOne of the most momentous and joyous milestones in your life is to get married! You’ve said “yes,” but now the big question is where to have the ceremony and reception. With so many destination wedding locations to choose from, the “where” question can be a bit overwhelming. At the Camden Harbour Inn, we have you covered from the days before to the ceremony to the reception and even the to the most romantic honeymoon. Continue reading “A Week Before the Wedding In Camden”

The Must See Art Exhibits in Maine: Winter 2017

Maine Art Museums While Maine is known for its stunning natural beauty, the possibilities of endless outdoor activities (all throughout the year), its burgeoning farm to table food scene, and even the high demand microbrews, Maine’s art scene tends to get over-looked. From Ogunquit all the way up to Camden, there are classic art museums and can’t miss contemporary galleries featuring local artists as well as globally renowned ones. Below we mention some of our favorite museums as well as the upcoming exhibits that will be featured this season. Continue reading “The Must See Art Exhibits in Maine: Winter 2017”

Top 5 Maine Winter Vacation Activities

Winter Vacation Activities If a winter vacation seems like a perfect way to get away in the colder months, but you’re not sure what types of activities will appeal to you and your family, you’re in luck. A winter vacation in Maine is an ideal opportunity to experience the recreation, sports, and traditions that keep New Englanders happy and occupied during the region’s longest season. While it’s likely that a few common winter activities come to mind when you imagine the snowy scenes of a Maine winter, there are a few ideas that might surprise and entice you enough to start planning your own Maine winter vacation. Continue reading “Top 5 Maine Winter Vacation Activities”

New Year’s Eve in Camden

d83af5-19eadd47ea617a5cb0a1b2dea39c4d9012016 is coming to a close, and soon a new year will begin, promising new beginnings, positive changes, and the opportunity to make 2017 an incredible year. Celebrating the arrival of the New Year is a centuries-old tradition which customarily includes a toast, a proclamation of resolutions for the coming year, and a kiss to mark the occasion. This year, why not begin your year with New Year’s Eve to remember in a lavish and beautiful setting on the picturesque coast of Maine? Before you begin comparing New Year’s Eve destinations, discover the location that provides every detail you desire. Continue reading “New Year’s Eve in Camden”

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