Start a Family Tradition in Camden

Group of women talking over wineA Thanksgiving in Maine is the perfect opportunity to start a family tradition. A destination holiday offers a chance to connect with loved ones far and wide. What better place to spend quality family time than an escape to Camden, on the rocky coast of Maine. Rolling hills and low mountains rise up by the sea and lean over a rocky coastline with pristine harbors specked with islands and trawlers. Over the holiday, rich experiences and chances to explore the historic town and area await you and your family. Thanksgiving officially kicks off the ‘season’ in the Camden. That evening, the traditional holiday star is lit high atop Mount Battie overlooking Camden Harbor. The star is lit each night thereafter through New Year’s Eve. Continue reading “Start a Family Tradition in Camden”

Top 5 Hikes in Maine

New England Fall Foliage in Camden MaineAs the tourists flood out of vacationland, the crisp autumn air starts to push its way in. We may be partial, but fall is the optimal season to spend time outdoors in Maine. What better time to plan a vacation? As tourists vacate, you can really relax and make the Camden Harbour Inn the perfect place to call home base for your autumn getaway. Below we discuss the top 5 hikes in Maine to enjoy the famous New England fall foliage. Continue reading “Top 5 Hikes in Maine”

Maine’s Little Secret: Finding the Best Secluded Beaches

Maine Secluded BeachesThe sizzle of summer is almost upon us. Summertime and beaches go hand in hand, especially in the coastal state of Maine. The sounds of the ocean crashing onto the shore, the gulls soaring above, and the warmth of the sun on your skin; hitting the beach is a great way to relax this summer. For maximum relaxation, let the Camden Harbour Inn act as your Maine travel guide, as we share the secrets of the best secluded and peaceful beaches Maine’s coast has to offer.

Roque Bluffs State Park – Roque Bluffs

Of all the beaches we share today, Roque Bluffs might be the best if you want to spend a whole day alone in nature. If you love a natural beach, this is the spot for you. You will appreciate the rock and pebble that line the ocean here. Englishman Bay is famous for its great diversity of coastal landscapes, and its abundant wildlife. Bald Eagles are just one species that frequent the area.

Seawall Beach – Phippsburg

Most likely the hardest to reach of all the secluded beaches, Seawall requires some effort to see, but is well worth it. The beach is located over Morse Mountain, so you will need to make the 1 mile trek up to the top, and then over to reach the beach. The sand dunes act as nesting areas for two species of endangered birds, so be respectful of their boundaries. No recreational activities such as volleyball and frisbee are allowed here so as not to disturb nature’s sanctuary. The hike alone is worth it to check out the natural beauty this beach has to offer.

Luadholm Beach – Wells

Not many know about this gem, as it requires some effort to reach. You will have to make your way through The Wells National Estuarine Reserve, and you will eventually reach this stretch of beach that is almost guaranteed to be deserted. The wooded trails to get there are breathtaking and the view at the end is twice as nice.

Birch Point State Park – Owls Head

Birch Point State Park is a lovely, often overlooked spot with gorgeous views of nearby Mussel Ridge Islands. Spending the day here most likely means having the place all to yourself. It’s a bit hard to find as you will need to travel a few back roads off of Route 73, but when you find it you will be happy! The surf is fairly calm on this crescent shaped beach, so it’s a great spot for the kids.

Sandy Point Beach – Stockton Springs

Stockton Springs is another sleepy Maine town that is home to some phenomenal beachfront property that many people don’t know about. Sandy Point Beach looks over Penobscot Bay with an abundance of natural wildlife. Even on the sunniest of days, you can often times find yourself alone at this quiet summer playground.

The Best Sailing Day-Trips on the Maine Coast

Maine Windjammer CruisesThe true salt of the earth will say that the best way to see our state is from the ocean. Maine windjammer cruises and sail tours will let you do exactly that! What better way to explore Maine’s jutting coastline, extending over 3,500 miles long with dramatic rocky peninsulas and secret coves and inlets? The Camden Harbour Inn is a great vacation home-base to explore Maine by sea. Below we recommend our favorite Schooner trips: Continue reading “The Best Sailing Day-Trips on the Maine Coast”

Best Historic Inn’s on the Maine Coast

maine oceanfront hotelsMaine’s historic inns are more than just old buildings. These historical landmarks come with a tales to tell and even more, have a legacy to uphold. Once you stay at one of these gorgeous locations, you immediately become part of the building’s history: a building that people from across the world with different backgrounds have come to share memories in one place, over a vast period of time. There is an abundance of Maine oceanfront hotels with significant historic value. After extensive refurbishing, these historic lodgings provide both a place to enjoy a Maine vacation and leave with a sense of purpose and legacy. Below we discuss our favorites that the coast has to offer. Continue reading “Best Historic Inn’s on the Maine Coast”

Day Trips: Visit Maine’s Best Islands

Maine vacationHave you ever heard of the expression, island time? Island time refers to the vacuum created by the ocean’s presence and is when everything moves at a more peaceful pace. Island time is an attitude. At the Camden Harbor Inn, we want you to experience the luxury of island time on your next Maine vacation. Boasting a massive coastline, Maine is home to a variety of breathtaking islands that make for fun day trips. Below we let you in on the best island day trips Maine has to offer (for more seaworthy adventures, don’t forget to check out our post The Best Sailing Day Trips on the Coast of Maine) Continue reading “Day Trips: Visit Maine’s Best Islands”

Camden Harbour Inn’s Favorite Ways to Get-Off the Beaten Path

maine travel guideAre you the type of person to choose the country back roads over the highway? Not worried about how quickly you reach a destination, but more concerned with the adventure on the way? Do standard, run of the mill vacations bore you? Maine is famous for its beaches and ski mountains but has so much more to offer to vacation goers. Let Camden Harbour Inn act as your Maine travel guide, as we suggest some highlights for a unique, off the beaten path vacation experience. Continue reading “Camden Harbour Inn’s Favorite Ways to Get-Off the Beaten Path”

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