The Ultimate Guide to a Romantic New England Honeymoon

New England HoneymoonNewlyweds often fall in love with their honeymoon destination and make return visits a happy tradition. Those who are lucky enough to live here know; there are few destinations that match the natural beauty and romance of New England! Easy to get to from almost anywhere in the country, New England offers a host of seasonal activities and adventures for the most judicious couples. Depending on the time of year, you can soak in the beautiful foliage during the fall, relax on gorgeous sandy beaches, and listen to the call of the loons on the serene lakes. Below we discuss some hot spots for your New England honeymoon.

Rhode Island

Curling up in a seaside bungalow, sipping wine in a cozy bed and breakfast, or just listening to the crashing waves from your towel, beachside. Don’t think that because Rhode Island is the smallest state, that it doesn’t have an abundance of things to offer.

Newport’s The Chanler, is a dream spot to stay on your honeymoon. Fall asleep beneath a sparkling chandelier in a room that seems right out of the Renaissance. With 20 unique rooms ranging from Gothic to English Tudor decor, couples can feel like Royalty. Featuring the Ocean Villa, which overlooks Newport’s famous Cliff Walk and Easton’s Beach.

New Hampshire

Looking to add some romance into your honeymoon getaway? New Hampshire has all of the ingredients for a magical escape. Blessed with jagged mountains, lush rivers, thick forests, sparkling lakes and sandy beaches, the moment you arrive you will slip into full honeymoon mode.

The Manor on Golden Pond, in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire, is a classic Honeymoon setting fit for a King and Queen. Enjoy the vast views of Squam lake from your room. One great aspect to a Manor on Golden Pond honeymoon is the fact that you never have to leave. Splurge on a couples massage and other fine spa treatments, sit by the pool, play a game of tennis, even take a cooking class. Enjoy a multi-course dinner sitting fireside in the Van Horn Dining Room, and top off your meal with a choice from the extensive wine list.


Vermont can be the perfect place for an unforgettable honeymoon. Let the timelessness of the mountains, rivers, barns, and meadows provide an anchor for your new life together. Your stay can be as active or relaxing as you want it to be…hike the Green Mountains, catch a chair lift to the top of the slopes, or just sit by the pool.

Grafton, Vermont is home to the Grafton Inn, among the oldest and most established inns in New England. The Grafton Inn has been hosting New England honeymooners for decades, and is the perfect honeymoon respite in a historic setting. Head down the road to the Grafton Cheese company and watch how fine Vermont cheese is made. Be sure to check out Grafton Ponds, the inn’s outdoor center for XC skiing and snowshoeing, hiking, mountain biking, canoeing, or swimming. Wind down on the front porch with a drink overlooking the property. Enjoy two locations for dinner. Phelps Barn is more of a casual setting with pub fare and local brews, and the Old Tavern Restaurant offers more of an intimate dining experience with an authentic farm to table restaurant experience.


Maine offers the perfect landscape for a honeymoon paradise with a stunning rocky coast, sprawling sandy beaches, peaceful lakes, gorgeous national parks, and a world-renowned restaurant scene. To be in the mountains by day, and enjoying a five-star meal by night, Maine provides the perfect mix of nature and nightlife to make honeymoon memories last a lifetime.

Make your way up the coast to find and stay at the Camden Harbour Inn, New England’s quintessential Victorian Inn. With breathtaking Penobscot Bay right outside your window, the beautiful surroundings make Camden Harbour Inn the ideal place for a romantic celebration. The rooms are opulent and stylish, the spa is invigorating, and the magic of coastal Maine makes for a heavenly atmosphere. Enjoy a world-class meal at Natalies, the Inn’s award winning restaurant while toasting to your new journey together.

Babymooning in Maine: 5 Ways to Unwind

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