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Take a Romantic Winter Getaway

Romantic Winter Getaway in CamdenIf the stress of overcrowded airports gives you trepidation about another winter vacation in a warmer climate, then maybe this year it’s time to experience winter in a more traditional way. If you’ve ever daydreamed about the undeniable romance of relaxing by a warm fire while a blanket of snow coats the ground outside, then this year it’s time to plan your winter getaway on the coast of Maine.

Discover Luxury in Maine

While the idea of Maine in winter may evoke images of “roughing it” like a seasoned outdoorsman, a stay at Maine’s most famous luxury B&B, Camden Harbour Inn, offers the combination of luxurious amenities and cozy opulence that allows you to relax. Camden Harbour Inn’s stunning suites offer views of the sparkling harbor, allowing you to admire Maine’s picturesque coast from the warmth and privacy of a private, romantic, and beautiful space that offers you all of the comforts of a world-class resort.

Eat, Drink, and Relax

One of the most common reasons why couples reserve “all-inclusive” getaways in warmer climates during the winter is the convenience of having meals, drinks, lodging, and activities all within reach. What many don’t know is this same level of comfort can be achieved in the classic beauty of a wintery setting, far away from the stress of airport travel to an overcrowded tropical oasis. As Maine’s premier boutique hotel, the Camden Harbour Inn offers an on-site 5-star restaurant featuring award-winning chefs and a cocktail list that rivals the most exotic locales.

Play in the Snow or Stay In

It’s likely that one of the reasons why you’ve chosen to fly to warmer places during winter is the opportunity to participate in fun activities that didn’t seem feasible in winter weather. When you choose to take a winter getaway on the coast of Maine, you’ll be wowed by the nearly limitless opportunities to have fun, both inside and out. Besides being known for its stunning coastline, Camden, Maine is a noteworthy destination for ski enthusiasts. Hit the slopes just a few miles from the comfort of your suite, or relax in the cozy lodge with a hot chocolate as your sweetheart indulges their winter sports craving. If indoor relaxation away from the snow is more your speed, relax and enjoy a couples massage at an award winning spa that’s just steps from your room.

For more information about how to reserve your romantic winter getaway in Maine, contact Camden Harbour Inn today!

"Every aspect of the Inn was tailored to ensure that we had a good experience. The staff were personal, friendly, attentive and even went out of their way to research answer questions we had about local traditions. Will definitely return soon!"

Dustin G. New York City, New York

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