6 Things to Know for the National Toboggan Championship Race

Three people participating in a toboggan race.

One of the biggest draws to Camden, Maine, is the National Toboggan Championship race in winter. It’s an inspiring and unique event that you can’t find anywhere else. The city comes alive during the championships, making it one of the best times of the year to visit Camden, Maine. Furthermore, one of the best lodging options in the city is with Camden Harbor Inn. If you aren’t convinced yet about tobogganing, here are six things that should convince you to visit Camden, Maine, in the winter.

When Is the National Toboggan Championship?

As you can guess, the championship takes place in the winter, typically during February. 

Where Is the National Toboggan Championship?

The event always takes place in the Ragged Mountain Recreation Area, in the Camden Snow Bowl, 20 Barnestown Road Camden, ME 04843. The venue is less than 10 minutes away from the Camden Harbor Inn.

What Is a Toboggan?

A toboggan is a long narrow sled that one or more people use to sled down a snowy hill. It’s typically made of wood. The entire toboggan is usually light in weight, and the sled’s front curves up and in toward the rider. 

How Many Race Disciplines Are There?

Plenty! 11 disciplines range from traditional time trials to quirky ones. Here’s a rundown: 2-Person Division, 3-Person Division, 4-Person Division, Experimental Division, Fastest Time Overall, Fastest All-Females, Fastest Students, Best Crafted Toboggan, Oldest Team, Best Costume, and Worlds Division.

What Is the History behind the Championship?

The event started in 1991. The original toboggan chute was built in 1936, rebuilt in 1954, and 1990. Since then, it’s been the home to the annual toboggan race championship.

Can I Register for the Championship?

Yep! Read the official rules first, and you can register online. There is a fee to register as well.

Get Ready for the National Toboggan Championship Race Now

Now that you have a basic understanding of the National Toboggan Championship race, you can start planning your Camden, Maine weekend getaway. Outside of the championship, there are countless opportunities for fantastic dining, the best shopping, and hiking. All of this is nearby the Camden Harbour Inn, so you don’t have to think too hard about where and what you plan to do when you stay in Camden, Maine. For more information about the Camden Harbour Inn, please call us at 800-236-4266 or 207-236-4200 or send us an email at info@camdenharbourinn.com.

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