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Top 5 Best Lobster Rolls In Maine

best lobster rolls in maineThousands of tourists are attracted to Maine’s coast for a variety of reasons. At the top of many of these lists is trying one of Maine’s famous lobster rolls. Many restaurants both year-round and seasonal serve these delicious rolls, implementing their own unique flair to each dish. Some are better than others and we’re going to break down just where exactly you can find the top 5 best tasting lobster roll masterpieces that Maine has to offer.

1. Natalie’s Restaurant
Experience a refined dining experience in Camden at Natalie’s Restaurant. Natalie’s is an award winning restaurant featuring modern New England entrees that are inspired by the seasons. Natalie’s unconventional, deconstructed lobster roll blends modern techniques and traditional Maine tastes for a more upscale lobster roll experience. Enjoy one of the dishes created by Chef Chris Long, who has in the past been awarded Maine Lobster Chef of the Year. Combined with outdoor seating that boasts the most breathtaking views of the Camden Harbor and hills, you won’t be disappointed!
83 Bay View St., Camden, ME, (207) 236-7008

2. Eventide Oyster
Maine is known for their lobsters but Eventide’s brown butter lobster roll is unique. Located in the heart of Portland’s Old Port district, Eventide serves their lobster roll with a choice of their famous house-made brown butter vinaigrette, hollandaise, or house mayo. We suggest the brown butter choice for the most delightful flavor profile. Using a combination of brown butter, lemon juice, and salt, who knew that a brown butter vinaigrette could be so divine! Not to mention, Eventide’s selection of local oysters and tasteful craft cocktails is the perfect lobster roll accompaniment.
86 Middle St., Portland, ME, (207) 774-8538

3. The Highroller Lobster Co.
The Highroller Lobster Co. was established in 2015 by two local entrepreneurs who brought a dreamy vision of unique lobster flavor combinations to life. You can often find their cart at one of Portland’s many great breweries like Oxbow, Bissell Brothers, or Rising Tide. The Highroller offers everything from bacon and egg lobster rolls all the way to lobster BLTs. Check out their constantly updated social media outlets to see just exactly where you can track them down during your next stop in Portland.
Various locations, (207) 712-7553

4. Libby’s Market
One of greater Portland’s finest markets is known for allowing visitors to “choose their own gluttonous adventure” by offering three different sizes of lobster rolls. In fact, it’s been reported that customers of this market have gone through up to 180 pounds of lobster in just one day! Located in downtown Brunswick, Libby’s Market offers a humble yet off-the-beaten-path lobster roll that will keep you coming back.
42 Jordan Ave., Brunswick, ME, (207) 729-7277

5. Red’s Eats
If you’re in the long haul to search for the perfect classic Maine lobster roll, this just might be your best bet! Located in the small, unassuming town of Wiscasset, Red’s Eats offers fresh rolls that attract lines stretching onto the Sheepscot River bridge. But not to worry, the wait is well worth it once your hands are finally on one of their overstuffed and purely decadent lobster rolls!
16 Water St., Wiscasset, ME, (207) 882-6128

"There are so many special places in Maine, but if you’re looking for impeccable service and some serious pampering, this is the place."

Heather C. Bowdoinham, Maine

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