Off the Beaten Path: Maine Destinations This Fall

Fall at the lake with boatsLooking for unique Maine destinations this fall? There is an abundance of choices throughout the Pine Tree State to explore. ‘Hidden gems’ along the coastline, up in the mountains or through vast forestlands await the most intrepid travelers. Discover nature, breathtaking panoramic vistas, and find small-town comfort where you can unwind and rest, wine and dine. Here are 5 such places ‘off the beaten path’ in Maine to discover this fall or anytime: Continue reading “Off the Beaten Path: Maine Destinations This Fall”

Foraging to Fishing: Maine’s Farm to Table Network

man fishing off boat in the oceanFood culture in Maine has grown progressively over the years. Its bountiful harvest from the land and the sea provides fresh, locally sourced food for restaurants and markets in the state, and is also shipped throughout the region and the entire country. Northern Maine’s Aroostook County has long been renowned for its potato harvest as much as the Gulf of Maine has for its lobster harvest. Yet Maine’s harvest has diversified and, one could say, blossomed. Continue reading “Foraging to Fishing: Maine’s Farm to Table Network”

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