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Clever Tips to Make the Most of Your Weekend Getaway

Plan the perfect weekend getawayThe way to make the most out of your weekend getaway is to embrace life like a local! The biggest reason why we travel is to experience a life different than the one we lead every day. It’s too often that we get stuck being a vacationer and miss the local favorites and regional opportunities that our destination offers. By taking the path less traveled, it’s possible to forget the strict itinerary and the stress it brings with it. A weekend may seem like a short getaway, but there is plenty of time to find the best garden-to-glass cocktails, designer eats, and hidden gems.

Slow Down, and Say Yes
You only have two to three days, so don’t drive yourself crazy trying to pack everything in. An overwhelming itinerary sets expectations too high and is bound to create disappointment and stress. The solution? Slow travel. Slow travel allows you to go with the flow, be open to exciting experiences, and meet new people. This non-traditional way of traveling will allow you to relax and feel rejuvenated after the weekend is over.

Detox From Your Devices
Okay, we get it. We’re not saying don’t use your cellphone or tablet, but assess what you really need. Of course, you will want to take photographs with your phone or keep Google Maps at the ready in case you get desperately lost, but without a device to distract you, you will have an easier time letting go and enjoying each moment. When possible, sign off and enjoy your getaway by turning off notifications and limit checking your emails to twice a day.

Head to the Local Market
During the day, get a real sense for the local flavors by eating the way locals do. Head to the local farmer’s market, cheese shop, or bakery to pick up locally grown or artisanally made goods. Take your finds to a local park, spread out a blanket on the grass, and enjoy an afternoon in the sun. This is a great way to find new delicacies as well as meet the people that live and work in the city you’re visiting.

Become a Restaurant Regular
Going to the same restaurant each night of your weekend getaway creates a more memorable trip. If the food is impeccable and the drinks delectable, then go back! When you’re home, you go to the same restaurants because they good, and you get better service as a regular, right? So when you travel, be a regular.

Be Social
Visiting a new city can make one feel like the new kid at school. The best way to get over tourist insecurities is to sit down at the bar and strike up a conversation with the bartender or other patrons. This is the best chance to get some intel on cool boutiques to visit, a new art show opening, or the place to get the best espresso in town.

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